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This is basically a true conversation, except it was with Christy. Also untrue: The part about planning to burn down an orphanage. In case anybody's interested, it's the Lorna Lashley Save The Children Foundation. Email me if you want more details, because their website recently went down. Somebody's been stealing construction materials from the site (aka, an a-hole), but the building is structurally finished, and they're slowly trying to finish it.


Steve also had a great idea: putting up the occasional culinary interlude here


Let's start with the taco: deconstructed and remade. Like a robot, but edible. Who says you need rice? Or some special bean? Try this instead:


Lightly toasted flour tortillas, pasta (preferably a short twirly kind), baked beans (sweeter is better), and add a cheese of your preference (I think mozzarella goes down good, but some yummy gouda is also a good bet). I top with spinach, but I imagine lettuce is also still a good bet.


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